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With unlimited access you can now practice with me from all over the world and experience a unique approach to guided yoga classes that are designed to help you age gracefully and navigate the second half of your life with passion and joy. Classes are creative, educational and inspiring while being accessible for everybody. Each practice will leave you feeling grounded and balanced. My mission is for you to walk away with a different gem of understanding each time.

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The Emme Yoga Online Membership is a monthly subscription with free 3-day-trial.

Your membership includes:

Full-length on-demand Yoga classes for self-paced learning and practicing from anywhere anytime.

  • 20+ Yoga classes and growing

  • Emme's Private Discussion Forum Access

  • Continuous new content added

  • Slow Flow, Yin Yoga, Flow, Movement & Meditation

  • Guided meditation and visualization techniques for enhanced mental clarity and focus

  • Science based movement training: exercises focused on developing stability, core strength, muscular endurance, mobility for healthy joints and pain free movement

  • Breathing & relaxation techniques for better sleep and radiant life energy

  • Body awareness techniques to improve posture and wellbeing

Class outcomes & benefits

  • Confident & Happy

    Self inquiry and awareness practices to help you meet life with authenticity and confidence.

  • Strong & Pain-free

    Mindful physical training creating pain-free, energetic & strong movements for all of life's activities.

  • Balanced & Graceful

    Cultivate good posture and alignment — for more balance and graceful aging.

  • Relaxed & Calm

    Rediscover how true relaxation feels and develop powerful resilience for life's challenges.

  • Focused & Clear

    Make better life choices as a result of a focused and clear mind.

Video Library

Videos contain practices from following Yoga styles: Slow Flow, Yin Yoga, Flow, Iyengar-Inspired, Meditation & Movement, Restorative Yoga

  • 1

    60 to 90 min full-length Yoga classes

    • Whole Body Care for Vitality & Ease

    • Strengthening Stretches for Front Body

    • Moving Meditation for Calm & Patience

    • Whole Body Renewal

    • Restore & Recharge

    • Mobility for Downward Facing Dog & Warrior 1

    • Strength & Stability for Hip & Upper Back

    • Meet the Warriors within You

    • Core & More

    • Grounded & Confident

    • Warrior Flow for Strength & Grace

    • Sacrum & Lower Back Love

    • Healthy & Happy Hips

    • Feel your movements

    • Core Awareness Flow

    • Whole Body Flow & Stretch

    • Preparations for Backbends

    • Deep Hip Stretches

    • Hip and Spinal Rotations

    • Yin Yoga for Flexible Legs & Feet

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  • Is this a recurring membership?

    Yes, the Emme Yoga Online Membership is a monthly membership subscription until canceled.

  • Can I can the membership?

    You can cancel your membership anytime and it will end at the last day of your current monthly subscription.

  • I have no experience with Yoga. Can I use the video classes?

    All videos currently published in the video library are best suited for participants who have a little yoga experience (a few classes). Everybody who wants to learn to improve their physical, mental and emotional health is invited to use these classes. If you are a newbie to yoga and not previously physically active, you may use the videos to learn a lot, but may encounter practices and exercises that are are not available to you at this moment in time. I suggest practicing with care, deeply listening to the instructions given as well as checking in with your body when approaching unknown movements and exercises alone without a teacher or trainer present.

  • Who are these video classes for?

    The videos in this membership are best suited for healthy individuals with little significant injuries or pains, for self education purposes. If you are interested in making lasting change in your body, mind and spirit or have any kind of limitations, please contact me under emme@emmeyoga.com and schedule a chat to see how I can help with your personal situation.

  • I have injuries or nagging pain. Can I practice these videos? Do you give modifications?

    Yes you can and yes, I often give modifications for various limitations. However, since theses classes are not specifically matched with your personal unique needs, and I do not have any information about your personal history, please consult with your medical doctor first and do not practice anything that exacerbates the pain. Pain is a sign of the body reaching for help. It needs to be addressed and is always rooted in a cause that is worth exploring. I suggest working privately with a teacher for a while until you learn to modify for your personal situation. Please contact me under emme@emmeyoga.com and schedule a free consultation to discuss options for private instruction.

  • Are there any prerequisites to signing up?

    No. Anybody with the desire to learn something new and practice regularly is welcome to sign up.

  • What will I need to practice the videos at home?

    You will need a computer, laptop, iPad/tablet or phone, and a stable internet connection. Also, I recommend a yoga mat, 2 yoga blocks, a 5-10 ft belt, a blanket and some pillows for comfort. Some classes require a sturdy chair and a large exercise ball. It would be very helpful to have a quiet space somewhere where you are uninterrupted and able to focus on your training for the entire duration of the class. That is when you receive the most benefit.